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Charlotte Coalition for a Moratorium Now
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Please see below to view or download literature on the death penalty in .pdf format.  If you wish to view it, simply left click on the link.  Right-click on the link and select "Save Target As" in order to save the file

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African-American Leaders' Letter to Governor Easley and Co-Speakers Morgan and Black

NC Report on Moratorium Poll

Reforms to be considered during a moratorium

Innocence and the Death Penalty: Why We Need a Moratorium on Executions (brochure)

Why You Should Support A Moratorium On Executions

Failures of the Death Penalty System Mandate A Moratorium

Alan Gell Case Summary

Darryl Hunt Case Summary

Declaration of Life - statement that you believe that it is morally wrong for your death to cause the execution of another human being

Moratorium Information Sign Up Sheet


African-American Leaders Moratorium Letter PR - July 13, 2004

NC Coalition for a Moratorium Ad Campaign

NC Moratorium Poll


2004: A Snapshot of the Death Penalty Situation in NC

Arbitrariness Fact Sheet

Cost of the Death Penalty Fact Sheet

Death Penalty and Deterrence Fact Sheet

Hidden Evidence Fact Sheet

Innocence Fact Sheet

Poor Lawyering Fact Sheet

Public Support in NC Fact Sheet

Race Fact Sheet

Why NC Needs A Moratorium


Summary Statement of Catholic Social Teaching on the Death Penalty

Summary Statement of the Evangelical Lutheran Social Teachings on the Death Penalty

Summary Statement of the Presbyterian USA Church's Views on the Death Penalty

Summary Statement of the United Methodist Church's View on the Death Penalty

Charlotte Coalition for a Moratorium Now