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Charlotte Coalition for a Moratorium Now
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NC House ends its 2004 Session
without voting on the Moratorium Bill

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Editorial by Powell in The News & Observor May 20, 2004

CCMN is a group of Charlotte citizens concerned about the current application of the death penalty. Our mission is to achieve a moratorium on the death penalty in North Carolina through advocacy, education and collaboration. The goal of the moratorium is to stop executions while we identify and correct the flaws in North Carolina's capital punishment system.

We worked for the adoption of the moratorium resolution that was passed by the Charlotte City Council on September 5, 2000. We are also in the process of lobbying North Carolina legislators for a bill which would impose a moratorium on executions in our state. While we have not yet acheived that goal, we have been one of the leading forces behind the new North Carolina law to halt the execution of mentally-retarded people.

The Charlotte Coalition for a Moratorium Now meets every second and fourth Tuesday of the month from 7 to 8 PM at 741 Kenilworth Ave. Suite 300 (Law offices of Ferguson, Stein, Wallas, Adkins, Gresham & Sumter).
For more information, contact:
Ted Frazer
Phone: (704) 532-6854
If you have any suggestions, events or news for the website, contact:
Katie Hubicki

If you agree with what CCMN is doing and would like to donate money in order to help us achieve our goal, please feel free to mail your donation to the following address:
741 Kenilworth Avenue
Suite 300
Charlotte, NC  28204-2873
Please contact Vicky Reddy, CCMN's treasurer, at (704) 375-8461 if you have any questions.  Thank you.

"Innocent people have been sentenced to die in North Carolina. We know that race is a factor in the death penalty... No one who believes in fairness could allow such a system to go on."
- James E. Ferguson II, CCMN and president of the N.C. Academy of Trial Lawyers, in a speech before the Charlotte City Council on Aug. 28, 2000

James E. Ferguson II

Charlotte Coalition for a Moratorium Now