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Charlotte Coalition for a Moratorium Now
Post Card Drive Initiative
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NC Postcard Drive

We have now reached over 3,000 names in our database.  That means that 3000 members of the North Carolina constiuency have conveyed their opinions to their legislators--helping to convince them that NC needs a moratorium on the death penalty now!

The generic post card has arrived!  If you click on the link below, you can download (as a .pdf) the post card in its generic form.  It is designed to be a double-sided document, so please print accordingly.

The Generic Post Card

If you're trying to find information on representative's districts for your post cards, the following may help you.  These are the ways that I was able to do it the easiest online:
1) If their address is legible and they live in Mecklenburg County, go to and input their address.  This doesn't always work well, so try one of the other steps if you can't find what you're looking for. 
2) If their first and last names are legible and they live in North Carolina, you can go to and click on "Check Your Registration".  There you can enter their names and  pick out which result most closely matches the constituent's information.
3) If your person isn't registered or doesn't live in Mecklenburg County, you can go to, and enter their Zip + 4 code.  To get their Zip +4 code, you must have their street address and go to
4) If they are in Union County, here is a link to a map that might help you find their district (if you know what area they live in):
5) If they are in Union County and are registered voters (and you have the program Excel), you can download a list of all registered voters who live in Union County, and find their representatives there.  The website where that document is located is:
If you have any problems, feel free to email either or

The letters found below were distributed with the post card drive materials. 

Post Card Process Letter

Post Card Instructions

Charlotte Coalition for a Moratorium Now